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Closing Conference of "Joining Creativity"

A closing conference within the project "Joining Creativity" that is implemented by the "Karelian Resource Center of NGOs" (KRCNGO) since Feburary, 2016 took place on February, 16-17th in Petrozavodsk. The international project "Joining Creativity" financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers is aimed at the development of economic cooperation and trade between the Nordic countries and the North-West of Russia as well as successful internationalization of companies working in the sphere of creative industries in the Baltic region.

Throughout the year representatives of creative industries of the North-West of Russia had an opportunity to tell about their activities and problems, get acquainted with the experience of their colleagues from the Nordic countries, establish new contacts, and get useful information. The KRCNGO together with the project partners analysed business opportunities in the sphere of creative industries in the North-West of Russia and made an attempt to outline the main problems and ways of their resolution. A list of companies working in the field of creative industries and willing to promote international cooperation as well as the results of the analysis will be published at the project site. Project events including two round tables in Arkhangelsk and Reykjavík, a study trip to Finland and Sweden, a meeting of experts helped establish a sustainable network of cooperation among the partners, share their experience, opinions, and the best practices.

The project involves partners with a solid experience in the sphere of creative industries. The KRCNGO as a manager of the project takes responsibility for its implementation. The main partners of the project in Karelia are the Ministry of Culture of the RK and Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre. Besides, the list of partners includes St. Petersburg International Business Association, Institute for Cultural Programs in Saint-Petersburg, and  Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk) from Russia. The foreign partners of the project are Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, County Administrative Board of Västerbotten from Sweden, organizatoin "Innovation Center Iceland, University of Aalto from Finland, Creative Business Cup from Denmark. Among the participants there were not only the project partners, but also experts and specialists from different cities of the North-West of Russia and Nordic countries.

At the beginning of the conference all the participants were greeted by a member of the Civic Chamber of the RF, the Director of the Museum of Fine Arts of the RK Natalya Vavilova, the Temporary Acting Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Petrozavodsk Daniel Martsenyuk, the Senior Adviser of the Nordic Council of Ministers Jens Nytoft Rasmussen, the Deputy Minister of Culture of the RK Anna Tomchik.

Welcoming all the guests on behalf of the mayor of Petrozavodsk Irina Miroshnik, her deputy and the chairman of the committee on social development of the Administration of Petrozavodsk Rimma Ermolenko reminded that the conference is held in the city alongside with the International Winter Festival "Hyperborea" gathering creative people from every corner of different countries and wished the participants successful new startups. After that during the plenary meeting reporters presented their research on creative industries in the Republic of Karelia, Sweden, Denmark; guests as well got to know about the realization of the project "Joining Creativity" and a specific case of territorial development through creativity - Ruskeala Mountain Park.

Within the conference 4 sections devoted to different areas of creative industries were organized: "Innovative Technologies", "Event Tourism", "Gastronomy", and "Culture". The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, Administration of Petrozavodsk, and PetrSU Student Business Incubator took part in the organization of the sections. More than 100 people took part in the event, more than 30 reports from the representatives of creative industries from the North-West of Russia and Nordic countries were presented.

The project "Joining Creativity" became a platform for communication and sharing experience of the representatives of creative industries, educational institutions, and governing bodies.

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