КРЦОО Nordic

Agency of Museum Communications

The company unites more than 90 museums of St Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast into unified virtual space (www.amk-spb.com).  The Agency administers special RUTO museum projects in northwest Russia, coordinates international project "Cultural tourism management", belongs to the Guild of Travel Journalists (Russian United Media Association).

Areas of activity:

- Introduction of innovative technologies into museum environment: program "Secrets of the Neva`s water" in the Peter and Paul Fortress, lighting show in the Tsarskoye Selo, information platform "Play St. Petersburg";

- New forms of working with youth: quest-excursions in the Peter and Paul Fortress, programs "Island in Motion", "Island of Museums", quest "In the Footsteps of the Immortal Regiment";

- Participation in international projects as organizers, experts, partners ("Cultural tourism management", "Development of partnership in the sphere of creative industries between the North-West of Russia and Nordic countries", "NCM projects in the sphere of creative industries in the North-West of Russia", "Growing steps-training course");

- Active participation as experts and organizers of seminars on new technologies and cultural tourism for museum environment development (joint actions with ITMO, SUAI, SPbSUE).

E-mail: sveta@amk-spb.com