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Production Center «Arkhangelsk Jazz»

Production center "Arkhangelsk Jazz" was established in January, 2012 by a famous musician and producer from Arkhangelsk, participant of numerous jazz festivals Tim Dorofeev.

The main goals of our center are the promotion and development of jazz and blues music and new projects of musicians from Arkhangelsk.

The center is based on the project "JAZZ-MASTER".

"Arkhangelsk Jazz" organizes three annual international festivals in Arkhangelsk: "International Jazz Days of Vladimir Rezitsky" devoted to the modern art and new jazz music (October), international festival "Arkhangelsk Blues Festival" (May), and fest "Malina Jazz" (August).

E-mail: timofey.dorofeev@gmail.com

Website: http://www.arkhangelsk-jazz.com/

Web-page: https://vk.com/club12343907