КРЦОО Nordic

Northern art-festival “Taybola”

Open-air festival “Taybola” is a small town with several thousands of population. It leads full life for three days after one month of building. Guests and active participants of the festival get a chance to try themselves in new social roles, acquire new skills and knowledge, draw inspiration from the results of their own work, take part in workshops of all kinds, create incredible art objects of salted wood brought ashore, enjoy ethnic and modern music, heartwarming company, and beautiful nature of Pomorye! It all turns “Taybola” into a bright, memorable event that is hard to describe in words.

Address: Arkhangelsk Oblast, Severodvinsk, Butoma str., 12, 12

E-mail: sevmob@ya.ru

Website: http://taibola.ru/

Web-page: https://vk.com/taibola