КРЦОО Nordic

Association of Ethnocultural Centres and Organizations on Heritage Preservation “ECHO”

Multifunctional art-space “Agrculture-club” is a place uniting resources of culture, education, business, and civil activists. It is an “assembly point” for active local community willing to organize joint activities to improve the cultural climate of Karelia. The main function of the art-space is to unite different subjects of culture, help them find economically beneficial and successful ways of interaction and create joint cultural products at the interface of urban and rural cultures. “Agriculture-club” presents a wide range of cultural and educational services for different age groups:

“Space of gatherings”: organization of “creative days” for people from different regions of Karelia;

“Cultural fitting”: providing space for new initiatives;

“Free markets”: organization of space for free trade;

“Zone of Education”: trainings, hobby clubs, consulting days, meetings with investors, consultations and provision of information on grant competitions and internships;

“Events”: exhibitions, theatrical readings, ethnic home concerts, restaurant days;

“Charity shop”: fundraising for the implementation of new social and cultural projects.

E-mail: etnoecho@gmail.com