КРЦОО Nordic

Divnaja Karyala

Denis and Elena Nosovy (Divnaja Karjala) 

We are creating a project «Divnaja Karjala».

Drawing an inspiration from the Northern nature and traditions,

we build permacultural farm enterprise, adopt autonomous power supply systems (using sun and wind energy) and eco-friendly technologies,

create interior design and household items (looms) and functional objects made of glass and wood using elements of traditional Karelian painting,

harvest herbs, make farmer cheese and aromatic tea,

blog about our life in the countryside and share our experiences at online-conferences and webinars.

And we also have a small pack of friendly husky open for communication, fotoshoots, and sledding.

Contact information:

Tel.: +7-911-400-17-83

E-mail: 631783@mail.ru

Web-page: vk.com/elen_nosova