КРЦОО Nordic

Foundation of the Promotion of Civic Initiatives of the Pryazhinsky district “Melnitsa”

Preservation and development of traditional Karelian crafts. Support of craft producers across the Pryazhinsky district. Organization and carrying out of events. Support of the craft shop “Stall of Masters” [“Lavka masterov”] and organizing its work in the tourist destinations of the Pryazhinsky district. Launch of online craft shop “Art-village” [“Art-selo”].

Crafts we work with include: weaving, wet and dry felting, pottery, fabric printing, knitting, traditional embroidery, folk doll, patchwork, production of traditional fireweed tea, etc.

E-mail: __fondmelnik@mail.ru

Tel.: 8 963 743 71 50

Website: http://fond-melnica.ru/