КРЦОО Nordic

Creative Association "Lady of the North"

We all have warm memories about the long scatter rugs from our grandmas` houses that we would love to see again and again. Many years have passed since that time and weaving has developed considerably: new materials and techniques of warp yarns production have appeared as well as wonderful modern looms. Throw rugs have improved.

What is so special about the rugs of “Lady of the North”?

  • All our rugs are weaved using modern Finnish looms.
  • Our grandmas` rugs were quite narrow – 50-60 cm breadthways, but we can create mats up to 115 cm.
  • We select the best fabric or use hosiery yarn of our production made of newly-bought knitted fabric to make our rugs tight, lasting, and beautiful.
  • We use thick  and solid warp yarns; often they are brought from Finland.
  • We use cloth grippers and fix rugs so as to make even edge.
  • We work in the border areas near Finland where Scandinavian weaving traditions are wide-spread. We try to follow the principles of Scandinavian design and conform to the highest Finnish quality.

We are sure that you would not find such beautiful rugs of top quality anywhere but in Karelia, Finland, or Sweden.

You can make an order via the page http://vk.com/prokine or tel.:. +7-953-531-36-24

E-mail: prokine@rambler.ru

Website: http://hozaika-severa.ru/