КРЦОО Nordic

Ethnocultural Centre of Olonets “Lindu”

The organization gives our visitors a chance to get acquainted with traditional Karelian crafts. We offer a unique opportunity to get to know several kinds of crafts within short time, including both female (loom, birch bark weaving, making folk dolls) and male arts that can rarely be found in one place. One can find here true masters in their fields – the only professional potter in Karelia works at the premises of the Centre. Besides, every visitor will create a traditional Karelian souvenir amulet by themselves and take it as a keepsake. Our experience proves that the activities of the Centre are unique as they are interesting for different age groups, whether it be children, youth, or adults.

Zhuravlyova Julia Mikhailovna

E-mail: olon_artschool@onego.ru,

Tel.: 8 (81436) 41051, 8-921-222-97-57