КРЦОО Nordic

MBIC “Cultural and Leisure Centre of the Suojarvskoye Urban Settlement”

The main goals of the Centre are the settlement of amateur clubs and creation of conditions for their pursuits, support of folk groups, carrying out of cultural events (festivals, competitions, parades, exhibitions, concerts, etc.), large-scale celebrations, and outdoor festivities, organization of leisure time for different social groups, and looking for talented and creative youth.

In 2016 the Centre organized and carried out 90 cultural events (including 46 commercial) that were attended by 9541 people of different age. Besides, groups and soloists of the Centre took part in 12 competitions and festivals outside Suojarvi. At the moment there are 13 amateur art groups working at the premises of the establishment; the Centre provides space for the school of boxing “Zapkarelles”, dance group “Inspiration [Vdokhnoveniye]”, and art studio “Development [Razvitiye]”. Major cultural events take place during the holidays (Maslenitsa, Victory Day, Town Day, New Year). Local people actively participate in the festivities that draw citizens together and brings them positive emotions.

Address: Karelia, Suojarvi, Gagarina str., 15

Tel.: (81457) 5-11-81

E-mail: suo_2007@mail.ru

Web-site: http://suoyarvikdc.ru/