КРЦОО Nordic

About the project


The main aim of the project is to enhance economic cooperation and trade between the Nordic countries and North-West Russia and contribute to the successful internationalization of creative industry firms in the Baltic Sea Region.

The background of this project and its significance derive from the need to develop new fields of economic activity and growth in the Nordic countries and NW Russia. In this vein, high hopes are put on creative economy and immaterial value production as engines for sustainable competitiveness, new entrepreneurship and new market potential. Creative industries are unevenly developed in the Nordic countries and North-West Russia, providing a lot of potential for internationalization both for Nordic firms to Russia and Russian firms to the Nordic countries. The project utilizes and builds on existing knowledge and experiences of previous projects on creative industries in North-West Russia and the Nordic countries, in particular the ongoing analysis of the NCM’s creative industries projects in North-West Russia, as well as the ongoing analysis of the CCI policies within the NDPC partner countries conducted by the Northern Dimension Institute/Aalto University. Furthermore, the key project partners have a long experience in the field.

The project has 3 target groups:

            -     Entrepreneurs and SMEs in the fields of creative industries as well as such companies in other sectors who are interested in exploring the possibilities of creative sector products, services or skills

            -     Support organizations and developers in the fields of creative industries

            -     Education sector

In addition, the project benefits businesses from other sectors that can benefit from the products, services and skills of the creative industries.

            The project involves at least 200 participants of the project events.

            The project will be limited to 15 months of implementation: February, 2016 April, 2017.