КРЦОО Nordic


The results of research in Russia on self-employment of women showed that women are interested in entrepreneurship but they mentioned the lack of knowledge and business experience as well as lack of nancial opportunities as the main barrier to starting their own business. The project will address this problem as it is aimed at struggling gender inequality in entrepreneurial sphere through training women and developing competences using the example of the creative sector of the economy.

The project consists of a row of educational modules in Petrozavodsk, Saint-Petersburg, Savonlinna and Copenhagen covered dierent competence of business management and including theory learning with experts and practical visits with female entrepreneurs. An essential emphasis will be done on visibility of the project events and results which will be ensured by making video materials with educational aspect as well as promotional. The project will last from Sep 2019 to Sep 2020.

Purpose and Success criterias

Nowadays the problems of gender equality and woman rights in civil, labour and family life are still relevant. Female workers are the rst who are put at risk to be reduced. The goal of the project is to solve problems of gender inequality in entrepreneurial sphere through training women and developing competences using the example of the creative sector of the economy. The economic consultant of International Monetary Fund expressed the view that «for the global economy to reach its potential, we need to create conditions in which all women can reach their potential”. According to the report “State of the Nordic region 2018”, the share of economically inactive persons is higher for females than for males so various events on increasing female activity at the labour marker are of great importance. According to The Female Entrepreneurship Index, Denmark and Finland are at tor 10 countries for female entrepreneurs while Russia is at 56th place from 77 countries participated in research. Thus the experience of Nordic countries is relevant and vital for Russian business and educational institutions as it can help to understand how to increase the number of women involved in business


- to contribute to female economic independence and insurance of gender equality by developing and conducting educational events of competence actualization for women;

- to increase competences and knowledge of women in business management, financial literacy, start-ups development and related topics;

- to create a database of female entrepreneurs in creative industries as a practical tool for start-ups consultation and mentoring;

- to attract attention to the problem of gender inequality in entrepreneurial sphere;

- to increase awareness among women for their entrepreneurial opportunities by preparing promotional video materials about successful example of enterprises managed by women.

Target groups: women who want to start own business, female students, employment centers, business incubators, female creative industries representatives.

Final products: new female start-ups made up after participation in educational events, network of cooperation of female entrepreneurs, database of successful examples of female entrepreneurs (mainly in creative industries)

Overall expected results:

- attitude to business possibilities among women from participated territories has changed;

- competences, knowledge and skills among women on business topics are improved by educational modules;

- information about programs for SME support, possibilities of different organizations like business incubators, employment centers are presented;

- female representative of creative industries presented the experience and built direct contacts with potential partners;

 - educational materials elaborated within the modules together with video materials are collected, unified and disseminated among partners target groups for further using;